Grown on the florest, harvasted with respect, carefully transformed and brought to you.
Cork Granules


Grinded cork into granules of uniforme size with controlled moisture and density.

Cork Sheets


Mixed cork granules of specified size with a binder, compressed in moulds.

Rubber Cork


Cork mixed with rubber and blended, used to obtain, a versatile material.

Cork Rolls


Agglomerated cork made in cylindrical molds to obtain composition cork.

Cork Joint


A special quality of composition cork for the construction industry, as a filler for pressure or expansion joints.

Cork Tiles

MegaCork Floors

High density agglomerated cork cut in tiles with different thicknesses for floor covering purposes.

Cork Underlay

MegaCork Underlayment

An ideal and economical solution to provide a necessary sound control and stress crack supression.

Cork Coasters

Royal Cork Produts

       Royal Cork Produts

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