Mixing cork granules with binders and compressed in moulds with temperature, we obtain the composition cork blocks.

Different grades are obtained for multiple applications such as:

Gaskets: We produce grades to be used from low pressure to very dense where tensile and torque loads are required.

Visual Boards: Using very clean cork grains, as well as different colors, we offer various options to the facing and bulletin boards Industries.

Shoe Industry: Blocks to be used for soles, heels, insoles together with decorative cork veneers.

Floor Underlayment: To be used for sound control and temperature insulation. Recognized as being an excellent choice.

Anti-Vibration Cork: Product conceveid to reduce transmission of vibrations and noise of motors and all kind of machinery.

Megasoft blocks are available in following sizes: 940x640x200mm – ( 37” x 25” x 8” ) 1025x525x170mm

Megasoft sheets are available in following sizes: 915x610 ( standard size ) trimmed – ( 36” x 24” ) 1000x500 ( standard size ) trimmed.

Thickness range – from 0,8mm to 200mm – ( from 1/32” to 8” )

Other widths and thicknesses available on request.